Prosperity Plan
Discover a Better You.

The foundation of Zrii's Prosperity Plan is simple:

4 Weeks to 4 Star, iPad, and a Car! And there's much, much, more. Below are the 14 Ways you get paid at Zrii. Click on the Zrii Prosperity Plan Details button to see the Prosperity Plan in its entirety.

  1. Retail Bonus - Enroll Retail Customers and receive a Retail Bonus on every purchase they make.
  2. Preferred Customer Bonus - Enroll Preferred Customers (PCs) and receive a PC Bonus on every one of their EZ Orders
  3. Z for Free - Earn free product from enrolling both Retail Customers and Preferred Customers
  4. Fast Start Bonus - A 20% Bonus paid on ALL initial orders
  5. Double Fast Start Bonus - Signing up with a Premier Executive Z Pack for $999.95 allows you to make a 40% Double Fast Start Bonus on ALL first time orders your first 4 full weeks in the business
  6. Star and Star Maker Bonus - These bonuses are paid by enrolling IEs with Executive Z Packs and Premier Executive Z Packs, and then helping them do the same. The ultimate duplication incentive!
  7. iPad Bonus - Purchase an Executive Z Pack in your first 4 weeks with Zrii, maintain Z200 Active Status, and achieve the rank of 3-Star Executive in your first full 8 weeks and we will send you a brand new iPad or $350 cash.
  8. Four Weeks to 4-Star - Achieve the rank of 4-Star Executive and earn an extra $1,000 bonus
  9. Zrii Benz Club - Achieve the rank of 4-Star Executive and start driving a Zrii sponsored Benz!
  10. Team Commission - Earn 10% of your pay leg Commissionable Volume (CV)
  11. Matching Bonus - Match up to 7 generations dynamically compressed of your IEs and their downline
  12. MyZriiPro Bonus - Earn up to $10 on every MyZriiPro membership in your downline
  13. Global Leadership Pools - Share in 2% of the entire company's total global commissionable sales
  14. Achievement Bonuses - Maintain your personal achievements and earn one-time bonuses as you advance through the ranks of the Prosperity Plan
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